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The Money Masters

History of the World according to money! Last 300 years history tied to financial events. Starts slow, but you will be riveted by the time you get to Abraham Lincoln!

Money as Debt

How banking works.

Banking and The Wizard of Oz


In the year 1900, author Frank Baum wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” which many believe is an analogy to our monetary system.


Ming the Mechanic: The unknown 20 trillion dollar company


The Depository Trust Company (DTC) is the best kept secret in America. Headquartered at 55 Water Street in New York City, the average American has no clue that this financial institution is the most powerful banking corporation in the world. The general public has no knowledge of what the DTC is or what they do. How can a private banking trust company hold assets of over $19 trillion and be unknown?

Arms of the Octopus

JFK + Executive Order 1111

Guy de Rothschild

Supposedly Mark Cuban financed this video!

Kevin Barrett 911 whistleblower on Hannity and Colmes

Kevin Barrett later fired from University of Wisconsin for his views!!!!

Independent Investigators


Architect and Engineer Signatories: 3,054

U. S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Look for Edgar Mitchell in Video!!

Ed is third on list of U.S. Military Officers who just happens to be "Ded" As John Travolta mentions in "Get Shorty"!!

Nikola Tesla Technology

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on vaccines.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy


What is it? 

We employ Chelation Therapy to remove toxic metals from the body.

More info about Moon Landing!

Rigged USA Elections Exposed

Hacking Democracy

Aaron Russo Freedom to Fascism